Quoticle [noun]: an article comprize*d of a list of quotes

by nerds, aka the smartest people in the room.

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We use the Slogging App to turn our Slack discussions into Hacker Noon blog posts. Simply join our instance: Quoticle.Slack.com and comment your expertise as a threaded discussion to submit your quote for interwebs publication.

What types of nerds publish quoticles?

Diehards; lurkers; script kiddies; hats all the way through white, grey, green, blue, red and black; plus a few plain old Tim Ferriss fanboy #LifeHackers - the full spectrum, you’ll find ’em here. It's a close-knit community for cat people and single dads who code. A safe place for power women in tech and misunderstood millennials. For gross teenagers and curious retirees. For hodlrs, venture capitalists and anarchists. For entrepreneurs and engineers. For philosophers, product managers, and futurists. Is that you? Join Quoticle's Slack today.

What types of quotes get published?
Will my quote get published?

Maybe. Editors will consider publishing threads as Slack blog posts when the thread hits a minimum of ten quotes. We value quotes that explain the intricacies of how and why business and technology are evolving. In the beta period, XX% of submitted quotes got published.

Where will my quote get published?

Hacker Noon: how hackers start their afternoons, where 15k+ technologists publish stories & expertise for 3M+ monthly readers. More info about the company: About Page, Wikipedia, Harvard, Twitter Crunchbase, and LinkedIn.

What's Slogging?

Slogging, Slack Blogging, is an app to turn Slack discussions into beautifully formatted Hacker Noon story drafts. You can read more Slogging stories here.

What makes an interesting quote?

Any quote that resonates with readers is an interesting quote. Find inspiration in the examples given below or do what experts do - steal from others. Scour Twitter and Reddit for interesting insights, condense them into a 'knowledge nugget', and send it our way.

Some examples of interesting quotes -

  • “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C.Clarke
  • “People who smile while they are alone used to be called insane until we invented smartphones and social media.” - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  • “Ethics change with technology.” - Larry Niven
What makes a boring quote?

Something that has been said before. Or something that is trying to say everything. Something that anyone could have said, and anyone could have forgotten.

How many people we read my quote?

Hacker Noon median readership per story is ≈500 people. And the most remarkable quotes will also be designed into standalone images distributed across our half a million social media followers. But it just depends on your conversation and insights, your quote could be read by a couple hundred, or it could be read by a hundred thousand.

How did you built this site?

David Smooke built it with Notion and Super.

Join Quoticle.Slack.com to get your quote published. You can also connect with us via GitHub, Reddit, Pinterest, and HackerNoon.

*it's -prized as in, there's a prize of [ ] to the (most insightful quote of the of month)[link to poll], provided by [sponsor name].